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Commending Paul Berger

 Paul Named Virginia Advocate of the Year
AHA's "You're the Cure" Honor
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Stephanie receives Fairfax Caregiver

Stephanie blogs for Disruptive Women in Healthcare

8 CD Audio How To Conquer the World
6 Books.
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 Book Club Leader Manual

The Stroke Survivor Premier Book Club System
for “How to Conquer the World With One Hand...And an Attitude” Order now


  • 6 How to Conquer the World With One Hand… And an Attitude Books
  • 1 How to Conquer the World With One Hand... And an Attitude,  Audio Book
  • Leader Manual with Chapter Summaries, Leader Schedule, Word List, Multiple Choice Worksheets, Open Question Worksheets, Leader Answer Guides, & more…       

Research shows that adults with all levels of aphasia benefit from book clubs in relearning reading and communication skills and improving social interaction. Successful aphasia book clubs use specially-prepared study materials and leader guides for carefully chosen books.

  • What makes a good reading selection?  A story that is contemporary, well-written, easy-to-read, and available in multiple formats—book, audio, and large print.  Adventure stories that your group members with aphasia, their families, and professionals want to read.
  • What study materials are important?  Leader manuals with chapter-by-chapter summaries, leader unit scheduler, discussion questions, worksheets with open-answer questions, worksheets with multiple choice questions, complete worksheet leader answer guides, to supplementary reading
  • How can I find affordable study materials?  For the same price that others offer ONLY the leader manual and study materials, you also receive five (5) books, one (1) audio 8-CD book, one (1) FREE book for the group leader, PLUS discounts for large print books and other books by Paul E. Berger, award-winning stroke survivor with aphasia
  • Can any aphasia or stroke group start a book club with these materials?  YES ! The Leader Manual provides a sample reading schedule, and chapter worksheets to copy for each group member.  Answer sheets and summaries help busy SLPs, students, family or peer leaders. Plus, the books are included in the system so you don’t have to wait.
  • What about books on tape?   The Stroke Survivor Premier Book Club System includes an unabridged professionally produced, durable 8-CD audio-book for those members who prefer to listen.  And great for SLPs who spend long hours in the car! No need to qualify, sign up or wait for someone else to send you a recorded version.


Leader Manual provides all this and more!

  • Chapter-by-chapter summaries
  • Leader unit scheduler
  • Worksheets with discussion & open-answer questions
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  • Worksheets with multiple choice questions
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  • Complete worksheet leader answer guides for each open and multiple choice question
  • Word list
    Free on-line access to supplementary reading.
  • Bookmarks
  • Discount coupons

Manual, Materials, Audio Book on CD, and Books to start your club now.

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You are marvels!  I just read the newsletter ... and it is simply priceless (I always read them, and they are all noteworthy, but this one is beyond good.)  Paul, your book is in my book as something that all clinicians should have, read, pass on (ie, make them buy) to their clients.
 -Audrey Holland, Professor Emerita,University of Arizona

I came across your website today and just wanted to congratulate you on providing a helpful resource for stroke survivors and healthcare professionals.
     -Marisca Baldwin, The Pat Arato Aphasia Centre, Toronto,,Canada

 Everyone wants! on 8 CDs
Recorded version
of How to Conquer the World With One Hand...And an Attitude
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 The Stroke Survivor Premier    Book Club System
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